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Bat for Lashes - Pearl's Dream
The Kills - U R A FeverCollapse )
Skunk Anansie - Tear the Place UpCollapse )

Yes, it's from The Losers soundtrack.
Can we talk about how ridiculous and amazing this video is? Because it is. Ridiculous and amazing.

Lady Gaga - Bad RomanceCollapse )
Empires - Spit the DarkCollapse )
Pretty Good for a Girl, vol. 2 is now available here featuring interviews with Chantal Claret of Morningwood, Aja Volkman of Nico Vega, and Emily Marks from Girls Rock Camp Austin, a comic by _audrey, and much, much more.
cookiedough did an interview with William Beckett of The Academy Is... and posted the transcript at theacademyis. Some interesting stuff, including Beckett's thoughts on Twitter, and they seemed very comfortable with each other, which is highly important to me with my interview squick.

Interview here
Disc jockey DJ AM found dead in NYC

Full textCollapse )
You know I love me some post-apocalyptic scenarios...which means I can't help but love this video:

Run This Town - Jay-z ft. Rihanna and Kanye West
Bat for Lashes - "Daniel"
Downright sinister, and I quite like the music.

Anjulie - "Boom"
It's like Alice in Wonderland or Lemony Snicket.