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This song was all over the radio when I was in Europe.

K'naan - Wavin' FlagCollapse )
The Kominas - Sharia Law in the U.S.A.Collapse )

Really, how much more punk rock can you get?
If any of you have known me long, you've probably seen me quote Nico Vega from this song...

Nico Vega - Be GivingCollapse )
Bad Romance as sung by the University of Oregon’s male a cappella group On the Rocks.

Video behind cutCollapse )

Creepy? Yes. Awesome. Hell yes. Must be Gaga.
Nico Vega - Million YearsCollapse )

From the YouTube blurb: Shot entirely with an iPhone 3G and all original artwork by Sascha Ciezata.

How fucking awesome is that?
Thanks to katieupsidedown for the link to the article.

Full text below the cutCollapse )

Rachel Mohr has a much more eloquent response to this than anything I could come up with: Because whore means exactly what we think it means. I'm still waiting for feminist zine writer Kylie Riot to weigh in. If she does, I'll link you.
Via katieupsidedown:

All American Rejects covering Brittney Spears' WomanizerCollapse )

Yeah...they went there.
Looks like Jonah Bergman and Ryann Donnelly of Schoolyard Heroes have a new project.

Check out BLOOD CELLS on Myspace
Rihanna - DisturbiaCollapse )
Via clex_monkie89

Airplane-B.o.B. featuring Hayley WilliamsCollapse )